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Finance your SMP with Cherry today!

Your journey begins here...

11:11 Barber Studio is offering the best in financing. Get ready to start your journey  with affordable financing options with Cherry Financing! Get ready to embark on a beautiful journey with us?

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Credit, Debit or Cherry?

What is Cherry?

We now offer Cherry financing to clients who are seeking convenient payment options. It takes 60 seconds to apply. Cherry makes it easy for our clients to get the services they need with the best financing there is.

If you need financing to get the best in SMP services, apply and get approved quickly and efficiently. The Cherry App lets you apply right from your phone, and get the approval right away.

With Cherry, you can split your payment into smaller, more manageable payments to fit ANY budget.

How Do I Qualify for Cherry Financing?

Customized For Your Needs

Before processing an application, a soft credit check (which won't affect your credit score) is done to determine approval amounts/the contract type and verify a customer's identity.

By doing this, Cherry can approve loans quickly without having to call you. They'll want to make sure the customers get the best loan experience possible.

For some customers, Cherry will ask for extra documentation to verify their employment.


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